Flowtron Europe

is the exclusive importer and distributor of Flowtron insect control devices into the Spanish market with full distributor rights across Europe.

Flowtron Europe delivers B2C as well as B2B.

If you wish to become a distributor within the spanish peninsula, canary or balearic islands, please contact us directly: sales@flowtroneurope.com.



Flowtron Mosquito control has been used and tested and is equally effective in Europe as it is in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the US  (different breeds of mosquitos, but same functionality. Mosquitoes and similar insects are attracted to UV rays no matter what country they are in). 

Flowtron products are currently the leading products in the US market in terms of protection and eradication of mosquitoes and other biting insects. 

Flowtron Europe focusses on outdoor zapping units only. Those differ in coverage size between 0.5 acres and 1.5 acres and run on 5600 peak voltage.

Flowtron products are exclusively designed and produced in our main head headquarter and factory in Malden, Massachusetts. 

Flowtron products work entirely on replaceable parts, meaning that our units are a once in a life time investment. Consumable as well as technical parts can be easily replaced and changed without any technical knowledge.

Flowtron Mosquito control is now available in Europe through this platform. We are gladly shipping to your home or office location.


Our official showroom can be found here:


Av. de Oscar Esplà, 5

03581 l'Alfàs del Pi,

Alacant, Spain



Opening hours:

Monday to Friday

10am to 6pm 



As the specs of our products differ to those of the US market, we kindly ask you to contact our main headquarters in the US for all American orders: http://www.flowtron.com.

If you are located in Africa, please let me redirect you to our partner site:  https://insecttech.africa.  


To learn more about the Flowtron Technology, please proceed to the 'Flowtron technology' section on this site.

For further information, orders or comments please contact our customer service department: info@flowtroneurope.com.





Silvia Winkler-Hebnes, 

CEO Flowtron Europe